Monday, May 24, 2010

What Was In the Missing CNN Interview Segment? posted three segments of video from its investigation into California's judicial corruption crisis after midnight last Friday.  At least one additional segment, however, is missing.

The missing footage explained how 2,100 California judges stole hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers, threw cases in favor of Los Angeles County when the County was sued, then, when finally caught, retroactively pardoned themselves for the ten million felonies they'd commited over the past 20+ years. 

The footage also explained how, in the case of Marina Strand v. Los Angeles County, et al, Judge David Yaffe was bribed to ignore an illegal vote by LA County Supervisors, then improperly ruled in favor of developer Jerry B. Epstein and his attorneys, R.J. Comer of Armbruster & Goldsmith, and sole practitioner Joshua Lee Rosen, the same attorneys Judge Yaffe used to prosecute Richard Fine for contempt.

Richard Fine also explained how all of Judge Yaffe's orders were "void", meaning they absolutely must not be obeyed if one is to honor one's own oath.

And somewhere in the video should be a segment explaining how developer Jerry Epstein retained two presidents of the State Bar who were in charge at the time disbarment proceedings were brought and prosecuted against Dr. Fine.

Will Richard Fine ever throw up his hands, cave in to the corruption and answer the asset questions posed by Comer and Rosen?  Doing so would mean Judge Yaffe would have to release him from jail immediately.  But even if he does, it won't help them a bit because, as they've always known, he has zero assets (not counting the $2 million stolen from him by Commissioner Bruce M. Mitchell a few years ago) and is slated to lose his home to foreclosure any day now due to his inability to make mortgage payments over the past 15 months while jailed and disbarred.

In Richard Fine's mind, one does not promise before God to do one thing then do another.  Period.  Especially if it means becoming a part of an ongoing corruption scheme to bribe judges so that the County can win lawsuits it shouldn't (and save hundreds of millions, which saved monies it uses to finance the judges it bribes).

Dr. Fine could have avoided ALL of his troubles by just going along with the game.  He has never had anything at all to gain in this situation, he's simply bound by oath to refuse to co-operate with a corrupt judicial system.

We hope CNN locates and airs the missing segment so that the general public is better able to understand why Richard Fine is constrained by his oath to not participate in illegal acts and selfishly save himself.  Saving California, and ultimately America, is the only option if our children are to have any future worth living.

What does a future where oaths have become meaningless actually look like?  We are on the brink of finding out.


joebanana said...

Well folks it's over. America that is. The supreme court just revealed that the rule of law in America is done. Justice is nothing but a big joke. The courts are a joke. America is a joke. A sick one. I'm getting out of this F-ed up country, Somalia sounds good.

Tanya Balam said...

I watched the CNN interview thanks to the Free Richard Fine website and this blog! Yes ... They sure left a lot of stuff out! My husband (who is an attorney) watched the video with me and could see the corruption clearly. However, I hope CNN finds and airs the "missing" segments. It is important for regular citizens (who are not attorneys or litigants) to understand the gravity of the situation.


Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace - the United States will soon collapse if the human rights of political prisoners are not protected. Los Angeles County is the most dangerous governmental agency found in this formerly great nation. The torture of Richard I. Fine is merely the tip of the iceberg. Richard Fine needs to be released immediately and genuinely evil judges like David P. Yaffe need to be locked up forever. How many more innocent victims, like Fine, must be harmed before action is taken. God help us all.

Unknown said...
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