Monday, May 24, 2010

"Right Trumps Might" Forum Created

A new forum has been created for the exclusive use of Decent Citizens to communicate amongst themselves and compile information with which to inform like-minded others.

The forum, Right Trumps Might, was created on the fly due to limited resources.  It therefore needs experienced forum moderators to expand its features and topics, moderate comment threads, ban any infiltrators and otherwise further the efforts of those determined to rid the country once and for all of each and every degenerate person who would presume to steal from us, trample our rights and/or otherwise rob us of the fruits of our own (honest) work.   These moderators will be tasked with creating the necessary topic threads to promote conversations concerning corruption occurring in the individual states, etc.  If you have extensive forum moderation experience and can volunteer a few hours per week, please email us at  We will respond to the top candidates within one week.

Readers are encouraged to register at the forum today, despite its current bare-bones content, in order to receive future announcements and updates of information.  As the forum is developed, your participation will be vital in helping identify the corrupt actors holding office across America who must be exposed, prosecuted and eliminated from their positions of trust.

Note that the "Right Trumps Might" forum will initially be concerned primarily with obtaining the criminal prosecution of those persons in California who've committed corrupt acts in creating, hiding and furthering the illegal scheme of counties making payments to judges in exchange for winning lawsuits filed against them by damaged parties.  (There would be no financial crisis here, were it not for corruption.)

Richard Fine informed us repeatedly that LA County was winning virtually all lawsuits in which it was sued and a (bribed) judge (not a jury) determined the cases' outcomes.  LA County Counsel's office recently admitted as much when interviewed by CNN: 
"In the last two fiscal years, Los Angeles County won all but one of the nine trials that went before a judge, according to Steven Estabrook, the county's litigation cost manager."
Will the naysayers now accept the County's own admission?

What percentage of defendants typically win their cases?  Isn't it something like 10 or 15%?  LA County was trapped into admitting that it wins almost 90%.

But even worse, the phrase "trials that went before a judge" is pure sophistry, words carefully chosen in order to mislead.  Luckily, not only was it a failure in that regard, it actually served as a red flag to attract attention to the issue.

In other words, the phrase "trials that went before a judge" deliberately ignores all the cases that were dismissed by judges before they could even get to trial (as happened to ALL of Richard Fine's cases that involved clients in Marina del Rey who were trying to protect themselves from corrupt developers who were paying off County Supervisors), etc.  The fact that Steven Estabrook's statement, above, was purposefully misleading confirms that LA County's true litigation win/loss rate is FAR higher than thought.  (We've even heard that they've actually bragged about their win rate in appellate briefs.)  Result: legitimate plaintiffs were screwed over by greedy LA County officials, judges, and developers and their attorneys, who then used the money saved to line their own pockets.

Our follow-up question to  LA County?  "So, how many cases against LA County were dismissed prior to trial or were otherwise resolved by a judge during the past two fiscal years?"

Anyway, please join the forum and become a part of the solution. Our blog and website have received thousands of visitors (lots of them, interestingly, consisting of Federal government entities, defense contractors and universities around the world); we can tell there are HUGE numbers of readers who are outraged (for various reasons) and tired of being walked on and their hard-earned money stolen while arrogantly being told there's nothing that can be done about it.  As a community, we can prove that Right indeed trumps Might and ultimately see to it that the crooks are dealt with.  Help us out, won't you please?

It might take a while, but the corrupt ought to know that We the People WILL get the last laugh.


joebanana said...

What happened today in Mr. Fines "Farr trial"? Must not have been good. But why expect anything but more corruption? After all it's what the corrupt do best.

Jeff Lustman said...

I am running for the State Bar Board of Governors. My website is Richard Fine is mentioned on it. The site deals with corruption with the Bar, Bench, and L.A. County.

Anonymous said...

what about a ballot inititive to disqualify and disbar fof life any judge who has been given any grant of immunity while serving in office?

joebanana said...

It has become obvious over the past year that the judicial system in America is a joke. A sick joke that's harmful to the citizens, has no obligation to follow the law, and operated as an extortion machine. It is the most dishonest, disgusting, example of corruption run amok, I've ever seen, that this nation has ever seen. They demand respect, while they commit crimes against the people they're supposed to protect. If you ever want to see crime in action, sit in on a court session.