Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Richard Fine Thanks Supporters

Guest post by Dr. Richard I. Fine:

Dear Friends:

Please excuse my delay in communicating with you. I am still recovering from the 18 months of incarceration.

On behalf of my wife Maryellen, my daughter Tory and myself, I thank you for all of your prayers and efforts to help win my freedom.

The fight against corruption and to restore our judicial system is not easy. However, together, we have demonstrated that we will not allow our constitutional rights to be destroyed  by corrupt judges. Judge Yaffe resigned from office after I reported him to the California Commission on Judicial Performance and sought his removal. Ronald M. George, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court who knowingly oversaw the illegal county payments to the California judges has resigned from office rather that run for re-election. We have had an impact. We currently have requests for grand jury investigations of judges pending and requests for congressional investigations pending. The crusade is gathering steam.

We must now be ever vigilant to vote out all judges and justices in California who received the illegal payments, ensure that corruption does not occur in other states and in the federal judiciary, and pursue our grand jury and congressional investigations.

We now have the momentum! Let us continue together to victory.

Once again, a BIG thank you. Without your prayers and support, I would never have survived this ordeal.

God Bless You.


 (View video of Dr. Fine's discussion with Leslie Dutton of Full Disclosure Network here as he talks about his darkest hours ... and his new-found hope for the future.)


Anonymous said...

You are so welcome and we are glad you are out. All our AXJ ® Members have been fighting hard to get you out. We are mostly on Face Book. Best wishes! AXJ ®

Steve Lamb said...

Richard- I know you are exhausted from your ordeal and long for a bit of Peace. Now, however is the time to strike in every way we can against judicial corruption. As a related thought how do these payments to judges influence cases where individual members of teh Board of Supervisors may have an interest?

Birdman^j^ Kevin Francis Ramey said...

I personally can appreciate your need for rest and except your kind words of thanks... Please don't end this battle tell it's done and our posterity will lift up all who helped build a better world for theem to live in! My Name is Kevin Francis Ramey and I I founded Sui Juris Court Angels to get back into our courts and return fair play under due process! If you never talk to me personally but continue your quest of our common cause we will have worked together on the same page. Please have a look at my group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/suijuriscourtangels and if you joined to help like minded people restore America you'd be welcome...Don't make it about money, make it about Liberty!... Birdman^j^ birdmankfr@yahoo.com

Stephen R. Diamond said...

"Judge Yaffe resigned from office after I reported him to the California Commission on Judicial Performance and sought his removal. Ronald M. George, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court who knowingly oversaw the illegal county payments to the California judges has resigned from office rather that run for re-election."

Welcome back, Richard!

When the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear your case, you called for the impeachment of its justices. When the Justice Department refused to investigate, you called for the removal of the U.S. Attorney General. Your supporters complain that the public is apathetic and the media biased.

Then, how can you rationally conclude that Yaffe resigned because you reported him to the California Commission on Judicial Performance (of all the useless, chickenshit bodies)? If the U.S. Supreme Court is too corrupt to consider reversing the California courts, how you can possibly be sincere in your claim that your complaint (one of so many) brought down Yaffe ? It seems obvious puffery, which ill-suits a figure who claims to be fighting for truth? Why would George have trouble with re-election on account of an issue that your supporters claim citizens don't care about, whatever the reason for that apathy (including biased reporting)? And doesn't everyone know that if George is retiring out of worry about re-election, the cause would be his gay-marriage opinion; but much more likely, presiding over a court system that's being subjected to cutbacks and fiscal constraints just isn't an attractive option for someone a grandiose politician like George.

Your supporters truly believe the contradictions you express, but I can't believe you do. It sounds like cynical manipulation to me.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Richard Fine certainly did have a bearing on the retirement of Ronald George and Yaffe. Perhaps, not the only bearing on the case of Ronald George because his corruption is so broad. As head of the AOC, his audacity and arrogance of the misuse of public funds is quite amazing. And his narcissism is unbounded. Just to name a few, he wants a building to be named after him. At public expense, he had volumes of the cases he opinioned printed and stacked at all public law libraries. George chose to retire rather than have the possibilities of his record of corruption be brought up. Because of Dr. Fine, Ronald George had to pass the SBX 211 at the midnight hour. Ronald George’s behavior while being top guy of the judicial system is a continuation of the type of behavior as shown by his participation in the destruction of an innocent hardworking middle class family, the McMartins in the McMartin Preschool case. This activity served as a stepping stone toward his ambitions. See The Abuse of Innocence by Paul and Shirley Eberle and Anatomy of the McMartin Child Molestations Case by Edgar W. Butler, et. al, and www.nytimes.com/1984/.../bail-set-in-molestation-case.html

If the Richard Fine case was reported in the major news headlines, the public would and should have been very concerned and alarmed. There would have been less “public apathy”. The reasoning would be, if it can happen to Richard Fine, who is an accomplished attorney and crusader for the common good, it can very easily happen to me, jailed at the whims of the judicial system on an indefinite period without being charged with no concern from the other two branches of government, whatsoever. His repeated Habeas Corpus Petitions denied all the way up to the US Supreme Court. Of course, the major media outlets avoided this story like the plague for they do not represent the interests of the common man.
I believe, Richard Fine himself was surprised at how corrupted the system really was/is. Being a spiritual person that he is, Dr. Fine is still a gentleman after being put through the ringer so many times and for no other reason than that he had exposed corruption. His story should be in the headlines for it is an inspiration towards putting this country on its correct tracks, especially to the young. The young is the future of this country and is desperately looking for proper public role models.

Ron Kaye did an excellent analysis of the Richard Fine case. See ronkayela.com/2010/03/free-richard-fine-a-full-discl.html

Anonymous said...

I never stopped posting links to the Free Richard Fine web site and posted it in the comments sections of all major news articles. I think this is key in getting people's attention since the media often ignores us. If just one person sees our links and visits that another person enlightened. We have to get this in the public's eye, it does not matter how we do it. The judges know that if the public is made aware of their crimes they'll have to stop.
I'm glad Richard is out, we need to expose ALL THOSE who helped the judge, as they're also part of the problem. We need to expose each and every judge on the internet with a "HIT LIST" of all judges who are corrupt, accept bribes or do not rule in the name of justice.
Aviva K. Bobb is yet another presiding judge who's actions killed Lee Peters one of our seniors. She preys on the weak. Please see that this corruption does not stop with bribes but the greed and money scams go even deeper.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fine, You are hero. It's time to take back this country, if it's not already too late. The same evil LA County that harmed you has also destroy my own family and has literally caused brain damage to my daughter. The evil must be stopped.

Laser said...

Only through a United effort; can we defeat tyranny & corruption!

joebanana said...

Welcome back Richard. Dr. Zernik has had a project, that he's spent countless hours researching and posting court documents of question, goto, "improperinla" on blogspot.com for a well documented example of how the LA courts manipulate documents, make files "disapear" and other wondrous feats of judicial prestidigitation. I think you know Dr. Zernik, Mr. fine, if you haven't already done so, drop him an email, I'm sure he'll have a lot of ideas to persue, like his NGO project for the UN evaluation of our human rights violations. He's got their attention, we need to keep their interest. I have one question. I've heard a mans papers can't be used against him in court, sort of a fifth amendment thing. What did Yaffe expect to do with your financial statements? I'll understand if you don't reply to that, really, I will. Okay one more, (I promise) Elder abuse is a crime, political terrorism is a crime, this is a shining example of both, yet homeland security did nothing, the FBI did nothing, the attorney general did nothing, and the supreme court legalized judicial bribery by precedent, now what? Those who swore an oath to their duty, blatantly disregarded that oath, do they still represent the US government? (Carl Miller on utube is a wealth of constitutional knowledge)

Stephen R. Diamond said...

Richard speaks of his need to recuperate. I can imagine! He's never spoken about the conditions of his confinement. That it was solitary says enough. See these sources as an introduction:


Sharon Stephens said...


JUDGE ARRESTED FOR TREASON by "WE THE PEOPLE" in his court - StumbleUpon

Whenever a judge acts where he/she does not have jurisdiction to act, the judge is engaged in an act or acts of treason. U.S. v. Will, 449 U.S. 200, 216, 101 S.Ct. 471, 66 L.Ed.2d 392, 406 (1980 ); Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L.Ed 257 (1821)

Anonymous said...

You are a legend. No one i know would of done that time.