Saturday, September 18, 2010

!! RICHARD FINE FREED !! Right Trumps Might ... Again !

In a stunning new development, whistle-blowing attorney Richard I. Fine was released from Men's Central Jail late last evening (Sept. 17th) by L.A. Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe, whom Fine had forced to reveal had perpetuated fraud on the court in continually trying to defend himself by relying on what turned out to be a non-existent court order.

Full Disclosure Network, headed by tireless Emmy winner Leslie Dutton (and aided by the equally indefatigable T.J. Johnston), was first (as usual) to learn of Fine's impending release.  Although Fine was the sole author of all legal briefs filed in his case, his freedom could never have been obtained without Full Disclosure's regular and relentless exposure of the corruption as each element was uncovered.  California citizens ... indeed all Americans ... owe a huge debt of gratitude for Full Disclosure's determination.  (UPDATE:  View Dr. Fine's first post-incarceration video interview HERE.)

Judge Yaffe announced his "retirement", effective November 1st, after Fine's legal maneuvering forced him to reveal his false statements made to numerous courts over the past three years as he scrambled to hide his corrupt acts which furthered the illegal activities of a local developer, aided by L.A. County Supervisors Michael D. Antonovich and Don Knabe.  But rather than disappear into obscurity as a result of the shame he brought upon himself, his family, and California's judiciary, Yaffe is instead rumored to be planning to immediately return to the bench as a retired assigned judge, positions staffed by the Administrative Office of the Courts ... an entity so rife with corruption the Legislature was recently compelled to pass a bill protecting whistle-blowers whose complaints had repeatedly been thwarted by the AOC (headed by, surprise, Chief Justice Ronald M. George, who was also recently forced to "retire" as allegations of his own corrupt acts began to snowball).  Judge Yaffe should instead experience the future he so richly deserves: he should be forced to swap places with Dr. Fine:

Dr. Fine, understandably exuberant following his triumph, will spend the weekend re-acclimating himself to freedom and the comforts of home and family.  The specifics of implementing his next move to continue the clean-up of California's shady judicial system are still to be determined.

Dr. Fine would like to send a big THANK YOU to all of you who donated (time and/or money) to this cause.  Without YOUR help, it would never have been possible.  Pat yourselves on the back for helping save America's future.  Thanks are also due to Troy Anderson of L.A.'s Metropolitan News-Enterprise and other reporters who saw the truth and reported it ... unlike the crooks' protectors at the Los Angeles Times, who should be ASHAMED of themselves for failing so miserably at their jobs!

UPDATE:  Full Disclosure Network reveals Yaffe's true intent in jailing Dr. Fine:
“By keeping him incarcerated for 18 months, the court has deterred others from defying its orders to the extent that it is possible to do so given the facts of this case.”  Judge David P. Yaffe
So now we know the truth, from Yaffe's own lips.  It was to intimidate any other attorney who may be considering fighting void orders created to protect and further judicial corruption.

UPDATE:  Ron Kaye, former editor of the Los Angeles Daily News, calls out Yaffe on his hypocrisy:
"Why it took Yaffe 18 months to determine Fine's confinement does not serve 'any useful purpose' is hard to understand unless you know the judge is regarded by attorneys who have appeared before him as erratic and often irrational in his decisions."

"So I guess if Yaffe resorted in the end to self-justification by calling Fine crazy, it's something he knows about -- if only a juvenile name-calling excuse."

"Maybe Fine is crazy, maybe everybody who fights for what they believe in is crazy."

"That's certainly the viewpoint of every repressive regime and of every oppressor in modern history. That's why they use gulags, and prisons for the politically incorrect."

"The legal standard for coercive confinement in a contempt of court case is five days in jail, after which it is presumed the incarcerated will not back down. Yaffe exceeded that by [526] days."

"There was never any question Fine would break. His whole life is marked by an obsessive passion for doing what he believe is right, fighting against illegal taxation and official abuses."

"As Yaffe knows, the legal standard for insanity is knowing the difference between right and wrong. The question which deserves a proper judicial inquiry is whether Yaffe -- not Fine -- can tell the difference."
Very insightful, Mr. Kaye!  You're spot on.

Still, despite all of Yaffe's faults, let us all remember that he was NOT the author of the illegal payment scheme.  The blame for that rests solely with Mike Antonovich and Ronald George.


Unknown said...

Thank God... congratulations Richard.. a true American.. We need more like you. This news made my day!

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Honor In Justice said...

A few comments were just removed by the blog admin due to her claims of being able to read people's minds. Although normally such comments would be allowed to remain, due to Judge Yaffe's false posturing that Dr. Fine was being released due to some sort of mental issue, comments of similar ilk could cause the uninformed to fall prey to Yaffe's attempts to manipulate the public's opinion.

Besides, if the commenter truly can read minds, she surely knew that was going to happen, right?

Restored Blogger said...
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Honor In Justice said...
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Restored Blogger said...
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Fred Sottile said...

I believe that with the work of Richard Fine and the growing number of other activists, we may be poised for an "age of enlightenment" in regard to our own governance. It is something that we have needed for too long.

joebanana said...

Alright, it's about time. I wonder if Yaffe got the paperwork for the grand jury investigation, and,or if that had anything to do with it. Absolutely right Fred, I can only hope it goes beyond enlightenment, into the penal phase. Congrats Richard.

Tanya Balam said...

So happy to hear! Thank you for keeping us all informed!

Welcome home Mr. Fine!

Anonymous said...

This a great day for justice or what is left of it. Mr Fine certainly deserves many thanks from us for his stance trying to protect us from this governmental corruption committed by the courts, as well he deserves compensation from both the state and the federal level, but how much is his lost time worth in a monetary value??

Have a great weekend Mr Fine and god bless you!!

Anonymous said...

Look what Detective John Gregozek and so many judges did in case 8CA10541. Look what they did to brave and innocent people who dared fight for some rights.
There is no limit to the evil that goes on in the Los Angeles courts. That is a case of great courage in the face of judges who care nothing for justice.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fine,
Thank you for simply doing what's right. This is not the end & I hope you continue to expose the wickedness. Welcome home, Mr. Fine!
Warm regards,
A Supporter

*This is great news! Shout out to all the "moms" in Family Court who have supported Mr. Fine...

Unknown said...

Finally: Good news.
All the best Richard!

Anonymous said...

I think it's quite appropriate and timely that Mr. Fine was released and then immediately thereafter the folks (uh, criminals?) from Bell were sent to jail.

Anonymous said...

We must strike while the iron is hot, Yaffee is not the only corrupt judge in Los Angeles. Judges almost always when exposed run to high with ARC a place where judges retire with high salaries where they continue to rule in private hearings. Judge Aviva K. Bobb is one of those judges who presides over our Los Angeles Probate department, she allows harm and even death to our seniors. Google Aviva K. Bobb just as you would Richard Fine. We have to stop the laws that put our judges above the same laws we abide to.

Derk said...

David P. Yaffee
Aviva K. Bobb
Candace Beason

The list goes on and on, Americans need to know that many of our judges are on the take, Google their names for more info. David P. Yaffee is a good example of a BAD JUDGE, the greed, the insanity. The problem is when these judges mis-use the power granted to them to uphold justice.

Bad judges start with BAD LAWYERS, I suggest signing this petition to control the courts
Choose your state from the drop-down menu below and then proceed to hit the
button labeled GO to have access to specific state petitions.

Here's the URL:

mark ramirez said...

Richard, Congratulations on going after the corrupt judges. I hope to work with you again soon. Mark Ramirez

Stef Willen said...

I hope Richard Fine is well and I hope he goes after the deeply corrupt Judge Gerald Rosenberg and the other mafioso in the Santa Monica Courthouse.

Anonymous said...

Probate Court _____________ is still in proceeding it is the LAST one since she "retired" Judge Aviva Bobb and Marc Sallus who play in a small orchestra 9 person together r orchestrating.

Upcoming Trust & Estate conference with Aviva Bobb. Look up

*** November 19th 2010 -
This event needs to have a peaceful rally of activists for a “ Judicial system that holds Judges and their associate Lawyers accountable for their actions”. Especially in the Probate Department where helpless elders are the victims. Fleecing should not be taken lightly in an aging society we need to set the standards for tomorrow. “Bad manifests when good stands aside.”

Call to order citizens of AMERICA don't let Richard Fine's jail time set presidence for corruption. A peaceful ralley will let them know the internet revolution is here and Judicial Accountability will be mandated by its citizens.

andyjackson said...

I have a cable access show and ran a show on Mr Fines situation. It is a travesty and thank god Mr Fine is out and free. The corruption today is blatant and in your face. We are slaves to the government. We need to declare are sovereignty and refute our 14th amendment citizen status. Rescind all our contracts with the corporation UNITED STATES, etc and have lawful excuse to be free of their authority. No judge in California has a Article 20,sec.3 oath on file and therefor is not a lawful judge. The California courts are listed in the Rooster of Public agency's at the County recorder Office. Under the government code any public agency is not the State, or County. The officials have CSAC insurance policy which does not comport to the requirements of 'bonding' listed in the government codes and civil codes. Just ask "will the judicial officer of the Republic of California give me his/her name?" and see what dancing they do. They have no authority, they aren't judicial, they aren't lawful officers of the State. Under Article 6, sec.1 all courts are "court of record" which means the judge can not make any legal determinations and the court has to proceed according to common law where the jury decides the law. want more?

Kim said...

Dear Mr. Fine, I hope that your recovery is going very well. As a member of the Michael Jackson fan community I want you to know that so many people around the world were praying and actively involved in letter writing asking for your release. I am concerned that Conrad Murray did not receive a higher charge than involuntary murder when there was so much testimony in court that showed reason that he should receive a charge of second degree murder. I am interested to learn more concerning your findings on Judge Pastor. I am very concerned that he has taken a bribe or that he is being bullied into keeping the charge lower. Thank you sir. I hope you are feeling better. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Richard ! how about a filing an impeach action against the whole gang of those B? I have a lot of rope for them all .
Just remember that Jesus and all of the rest of honest public servants got murder by the federal mob but I know that they suffered death because of Money but at the same time they don't care . How about misprision of a felony ? Thank You

Unknown said...

Where is Richard today and what is he doing?

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