Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heartwrenching Plea by Richard Fine's Daughter to US Supreme Court Concerning Her Father's Freedom and Her Country's Future

Sayeth Victoria Fine:

"Please remember, that as you review my father’s case on April 23, you are considering the ... fate of a father, a husband, a friend and a deeply concerned citizen, [one] who has dedicated his life to upholding the decisions you make in your court."

The preceding portion of her plea to the Supreme Court may be viewed on Facebook.

Irony alert:  Victoria alludes to an important point, which is that if the Court refuses to release Dr. Fine, it will have effectively thumbed its collective nose at its own precedent which, prior to this conference, left no doubt that exemplary integrity is the only acceptable behavior any judge may exhibit and still hold his seat.

Being confronted with what to do with 2,100 corrupt judges will surely be a grave moment for the Supremes next Friday, but there will be no future case by which the Court might restore its own integrity if it cannot find the courage NOW to enforce the basic human tenets that "right" does indeed trump "might", and that no innocent man should ever be forced to spend a single minute behind bars ... most especially for political reasons.  It's humiliating, and it occurs only when small men are scared.

And let's not forget that California's citizens deserve to be protected from the theft of their monies and to have their Constitutional right to due process restored.  There's no such thing while crooked judges populate the courtrooms.

Although the facts in the case are convoluted, the solutions are simple.  We will learn soon enough whether the Supreme Court Justices also consider themselves above honoring their sacred oaths.  Meanwhile, we sincerely hope they grant Victoria Fine's heartfelt plea.

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