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"Free Richard Fine" Rally Set for Tuesday at LA County Courthouse & US Supreme Court Steps

Sick and tired of corrupt judges and even-worse governmental fraud perpetuated by government employees against We the People?

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by Ron Kaye   
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 06:52

Jailed more than 13 months ago without charge or bail, Richard Fine finally gets his day in court April 23 when the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court consider whether he should be freed from coercive detention for refusing to comply with Superior Court Judge David Yaffe's order to disclose his personal financial information.

Supporters of Fine, an anti-tax crusader who exposed illegal payments to Superior Court judges, are holding a rally for Fine next Tuesday at the County Courthouse at 111 N. Hill St., downtown.

Peruse the above link for more information.

Friends, Family, Fellow Activists, Advocates and Community Supporters are welcome.

This is a peaceful rally/protest where we will be exercising our First Amendment rights to free speech.

No weapons, bullhorns or any other devices which may disturb the peace.

Lacking motivation?  Together let us recall just this small part of the story:

Developer Jerry B. Epstein and entities under his control made political campaign contributions to LA County Supervisors Michael D. Antonovich and others not long before the Board of Supervisors was to vote on an environmental impact report affecting two of Epstein's multi-million-dollar development projects in Marina del Rey (a suburb of Los Angeles).

Those Supervisors who received money from Epstein blatantly broke the law when voting to approve Epstein's development projects.  (This was made worse by the fact that no benefit to LA County taxpayers was shown, essentially giving away all the income earned by the taxpayers' public property over the life of Epstein's decades-long sweetheart leases of prime real estate.)

Neighbors of the dreaded development behemoths, members of a homeowners' association, hired Richard I. Fine, well-known for his wins as a taxpayer's advocate attorney, to object to the illegal vote on the environmental report.  The case was brought before LA Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe, whose ruling completely ignored the vote, not to mention the other egregious issues alleged.

The Supervisors' vote was unarguably illegal, yet Yaffe ignored the entire issue in his ruling approving the continuation of the development projects.

What possible motive could Yaffe have had for making such a ridiculously unbelievable decision?  Can there be any other reason but the $46,000 he received from the same Supervisors yet failed to report that same year?

Know this:  Judges are "state" employees, and the California Constitution plainly states that the judges may only be paid by the State (for several reasons).  LA County Supervisors have been deliberately violating that provision of the Constitution for over twenty years now, and every judge in LA County has been receiving the same bribes that Yaffe has (also at considerable cost to We the Taxpayers). 

Did we say "bribes"?  Yes, we certainly did.  Unless a reader submits a better (printable) suggestion in the Comments, below, we'll stick with that term to describe the relationship between judges who are illegally paid and Supervisors (in the form of "LA County") hardly ever lose a lawsuit filed against them when the judge is able to keep the decision from the hands of a jury.  (The County's own Litigation Cost Management Reports exposed this outrageous fact, and County lawyers have even been rumored to have bragged about their win rate in appellate briefs.)

How's that for "integrity of the court"?!  Sounds more like "bribery", "obstruction of justice", "misappropriation of funds", "pure arrogance" and other such things to us.

Decent Los Angeleans will hopefully turn out in droves at the Rally to Free Richard Fine (most likely best attended between 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., we hear) next Tuesday, April 20th on the steps of Yaffe's own courthouse.  Media inquiries have begun arriving, a positive omen to Fine's support team who've struggled along with Dr. Fine lo these many months (though to nowhere near the drastic cost that Yaffe and his cabal of crooked cohorts have extracted from Dr. Fine, by any means).

Final note:  Yaffe ordered Dr. Fine to pay sanctions to LA County of $47,000.  Dr. Fine has now been behind bars, in a single cell, and accompanied by two specially-detailed armed guards anytime he's able to leave the cell, for over thirteen months now in a battle over his exposure of the Ten Million Felonies committed by California judges and Supervisors.

How much has it cost to house Dr. Fine all this time?  (Another cost borne, by the way, by ... wait for it ... WE THE TAXPAYERS!)

Sheesh!  We know they think little of our intellect, and they've even managed to get lower level media (the Los Angeles Times comes to mind) to not report in any meaningful fashion about the brink of collapse their cover-up shenanigans have brought us to, but they still haven't picked up on the fact that their credibility is far past "shot" and well into the realm of gossipy entertainment. 

Behind-the-scenes bettors are wagering on who will be the first sacrificial lamb, and when he/she will be forced to go.  Our bet is that it will be David P. Yaffe, the man who single-handedly brought the most dishonor on the court when he was forced to admit under oath that, but for one small exception, he'd always ruled in LA County's favor when it was a defendant in his courtroom.  And given Yaffe's delightful personality, it would be hard to identify a more-deserving candidate.  (But we could argue all day over who'll be second, third, fourth ... .)

Until anon, fellow decent Americans; we'll get there.

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fred said...

How funny is it that Richard Fine was ordered to pay $47,000, the exact amount of Yaffe's own personnel bribe that year? I guess Richard got a break being falsely imprisoned before the $10,000 raise the judges got to their bribe package, or Richard would have been charged to pay $57,000 the new 2010 bribe amount. Lucky him.