Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Robert Kennedy speaks out against Retroactive Immunity"

REPOST of Aug 18, 2009 entry: 

Oct 21, 2007, article by Glenn Greenwald at Salon Magazine:
The very idea of "retroactive immunity" ... is so radical, so repugnant to the most basic principles of the "rule of law," that only one prior attempt can be found in recent history (at least from my research): the efforts by some in Congress in 1965 to enact a law retroactively legalizing the mergers by six large banks which clearly -- as a federal court found -- were illegal under our nation's antitrust laws.

The banks knew when they merged that they were almost certainly violating anti-trust laws. But they did it anyway. And when courts began ruling that their behavior was illegal, they ran to Congress to demand that a law be passed granting them amnesty, claiming that the consequences would be ruinous if they were held accountable under the law.

But the very concept of retroactive amnesty -- the idea that corporations could break the law and then have Congress pass a special law legalizing their lawbreaking conduct -- was so profoundly offensive to Sen. Robert Kennedy (who had been the Attorney General when the banks broke the law with their mergers), as well as then-Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach, that they engaged in extraordinary efforts to try to put a stop to this Congressional travesty:

Review the rest of this "Salon" article here.

Ronald George co-authored Senate Bill SBX2-11, effectively granting himself retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution (for now) for his crimes related to the payment scheme.  If that's not the absolute height of arrogance, then what is?


joebanana said...

The god father of the organized judicial crime syndicate. When we stand back and look at the whole big picture, we see, we've been infiltrated by criminal terrorists, who've overtaken the government and the courts. The phrase "the enemy within", really starts to mean something. And when those charged with preventing, and prosecuting this orgy of crime, refuse to perform their duties, we have to clean that mess up too.

joebanana said...

And another thing..... off topic but, interesting. George Herbert Walker Bush was a senior exec. in the CIA when JFK was assassinated, Oswald was on the CIA payroll for a short time. Bush's oil interests around the bay of pigs day's, is pretty interesting. Do your own research, don't let me start any nasty rumors without any opposition.

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