Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Formal Demand for Grand Jury Investigations Submitted to Prosecutors

Now that Judge David P. Yaffe has been caught on the record lying to higher courts, the probable reason for his recent "retirement", taxpayers' advocate attorney Dr. Richard I. Fine (himself a former prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.) has made a formal demand upon several prosecutors for the immediate convening of grand juries to investigate the corruption rampant within California's judicial system which rewards crooked judges for approving illegal real estate development projects, among other dastardly deeds.

Review the full text of Dr. Fine's demand letter, which provides a full outline of his legal battles as the corrupt have tried to break him, here.

Will those in authority give the public a response better than the following this time around?

UPDATE:  Marketing reports inform us that almost 65 MILLION people are aware of this story ... in the United States alone! WOW!  (And what's up with the Moscow readership?)  A high percentage of readers seems to be members of the financial community, Wall Street and Main Street. We can't help but wonder what business decisions are made concerning beginning or continuing to do business in such an odiously corrupt environment. Our bet is that jobs by the tens of thousands are being relocated as we speak. Whom should we thank first? Top cop Jerry Brown? Top judge Ronald George? Supervisor Mike Antonovich? Senator Darrell Steinberg? District Attorney Steve Cooley?  Presiding Judge Charles McCoy? .... If anyone were to put together a list of the Ten Most Wanted Public Enemies, these folks would top the list today.

SOMEONE had better round them up soon before they manage to steal ALL our money.  That's truly what they want, and there's little time left to stop them before it's too late.



Anonymous said...

I cannot understand the lack of response to this outrageous event!

I would think that the media would be all over this.

joebanana said...

It's being blacked out by MSM. Full is a good source for all the gory details.
Anyhoo, let's not forget to thank our wonderful governor for giving those crooks a raise this year, and that splendid "immunity" from criminal prosecution, written up by Mr Steinberg personally. Yeah, SBx2-11 sure was an in your face, up yours, from our fancy leaders. Karma never forgets.

Bubbadagr8 said...

The problem, as I see it, is that nobody cares. Today, more than ever, most people vote in their self interest or follow their party line. You say 65 million know about this? How many of them care? The media feeds us pablum and crap, always keeping us up to date on which movie stars are boinking each other.

With all the ills ravaging our society - wars, public and private corruption, incompetence, apathy, to name a few, this is but a speck. The bad guys are succeeding in sweeping it under the rug. Richard Fine is a true hero but an unsung one.

Willy Bouy said...

I sympathize with you. The answer is a Grand Jury. One in Federal Court, not Circuit court. We accomplished a Federal Grand Jury in January of this year in Hawaii alleging corruption between a county,Circuit Judges and multiple other agencies. We did it as individuals and is unheard of because the US Supreme Court rules say the Federal Grand Jury must be initiated by someone in the Justice System. Our Constitution is in conflict with this particular Court rule and Federal Judge Michael Seabright agreed with us and he convened a grand jury to investigate corruption as alleged in a 60 page affidavit filed by a citizen that had over 100 listed defendants and “Enterprises” as described in the Federal RICO organized crime law. This case is going on as I write this. contact me if you want to know more. Your father can assist in this filing. I believe Judge Seabright set a Federal Precedent when he initiated this Grand Jury and since there are many lawyers who are also on the defendant list and there is no doubt they will try to plead that the Jury is not legal etc: etc: etc: to save their own asses. This is not a common law Grand Jury, its the real deal.

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