Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ed Asner Now Monitoring Richard Fine's Deteriorating Health Condition

Full Disclosure Network is today reporting that:
After reading the latest reports from Full Disclosure Network®, actor Ed Asner has requested updates on the condition of Richard I. Fine, Prisoner ID #1824367, [who is being held] in Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail.

For the past two weeks, Mr. Fine has complained of the broken dental plate that has prevented him from being able to chew his food.  The condition was reported to the jail's medical infirmary and two complaints and an appeal were filed by Mr. Fine, to no avail.

Details at above link.

Sheriff Leroy Baca:  (213) 473-6100


Bob said...

The people need to looker closer at who our judges are. Recently my mother was forced into a conservatorship by her own child. The child and her lawyer perjured the conservatorship documents, lied to the court and family all in the name of taking control of 2 million dollars. When the judge was informed and shown proof of this what did she do? Candace Beason of the Pasadena Probate court did NOTHING. In fact looking deeper the court makes millions of dollars by imprisoning elders, allowing greedy children to lie and cheat their own parents. Who is Candace Beason's boss, none other then Aviva K. Bobb presiding judge who was also given evidence of these crimes and did nothing. Looking deeper into Bobb one finds a judge with a history of criminal rulings. Bobb caused the death of Lee Peters who was ripper from her family who cared for her for over 8 years without problem. Why remove family care givers? Court assigned ones (strangers)charge 100's of thousands. Replace family with strangers and family who never cared about the senior and just want cash. See for details. This is not just 1 judge or public official it's many. Victims need to work together, share their nightmares with these judges that are suppose to help the weak. Richard Fine needs our help.

Anonymous said...

Contents of a letter I just sent Judge Yaffe:

19 January 2010

Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
4700 Ramona Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Dear Sir,

Richard I. Fine has been unlawfully detained in the Los Angeles County Jail since last March as a result of Judge David P. Yaffe’s entry of an unlawful order to effect Dr. Fine’s incarceration. In fact, even were it a lawful order, “coercive confinement” is limited by statute to only five consecutive days (CCP 1218). This can be confirmed by your legal staff.

I am therefore herein appealing to your sense of honor and duty to release this honorable and decent man so that he can move on peacefully with his life.

Please stand against Yaffe as Yaffe himself is the criminal here for usurping the Constitutions of both the United States and the State of California (Article VI, Section 18). In fact, It is Yaffe’s molestation of California’s Constitution that is specifically why Dr. Fine has been maliciously and illegally confined after he brought to Yaffe’s attention that he, Yaffe, was in receipt of illegal compensation which was nothing less than a continuing bribe.

Consider, too, that the lack of trust and faith that now marks the judiciary may similarly mark your office as well if justice isn’t served. Yaffe cannot hold you in contempt of court since his order to jail Dr. Fine was unlawful.


Brian Franklin

Anonymous said...

Oops, meant to say that the letter went to Sheriff Baca. I sent one of a similar tone to Judge Yaffe last month.

B. Franklin

Anonymous said...

I support the freeing of Dr. Richard Fine. This is abominable behavior on the part of our Los Angeles Justice System, to incarcerate him. Where am I, in the Soviet Union?