Sunday, November 29, 2009

Documents Posted to Scribd

The Fine volunteers have collected PDF versions of documents filed with the courts and evidentiary documents discovered along the way.  The collection has been sorted and much of it put online at the Scribd document repository for public review.

Read 'em and weep.  Really weep.  Because after giving these the once-over, you won't be able to come to any conclusion other than that the Rule of Law is truly dead in California at present. 

Next, we'll be adding our screenshots of LA Times articles and other things that have disappeared from their online pages.

Over 200 hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin challenged us to try and keep the republic that he'd helped create ... the first in history of its kind, and going pretty strong ever since.  But times have taken a hard turn for the worse of late, we can no longer just sit back and watch while a rare few of considerable courage lob spitballs at the ankles of giants whose law licenses ought to be recalled by Cracker Jack.  Do your part, fellow citizen, and strongly consider refusing to vote for any incumbent in any election for the next few years.  There's not much time left to clean house before the noose about all our necks is tightened with finality.

Think on it.

If a small group of people are willing to take all sorts of risks exposing the bad guys and their nefarious activities (just think of what it's cost Richard Fine), voting out incumbents is something very important that you can safely do to help.

And you might even consider making a donation to help with costs in the battle to return due process and an honest judicial system to California.  For additional details, please follow this link.

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