Friday, November 06, 2009

Appeal Hearing Date Finally Set

UPDATE:  Never mind.  Ninth Circuit issued an order on Nov. 11th taking the hearing off calendar (meaning there will be no oral argument and nothing for the public to see).  It also denied Richard Fine's motions to strike "respondents' answering brief" (without saying which one), and his request for judicial notice of California Government Code Sections 68220-68222 (the official record of SBX2-11 (except for the missing "immunity" paragraph)).  Interestingly, it did not deny his request for judicial notice of the Notice of Appeal filed in the Sturgeon case (an acknowledgment that the issue of the county payments to judges is far from settled) and his motion to strike Judge Yaffe and the Superior Court's Supplemental Excerpt of Record.

Original post:

A hearing date has finally been set in Richard Fine's appeal.  The media are making arrangements to follow the hearing on Thursday, December 10th, 2009, 9:30 a.m. in Courtroom 1 of the Pasadena location (125 S. Grand Avenue) of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Activists and protesters are reminded to arrive 30 minutes early to meet in the parking lot across the street.  (Allow an extra 10 minutes if you're arriving on one of the rented buses.)  Security is expected to be tight!  (Remember, they sent 8 burly detectives to haul the elderly, unresisting Richard Fine off to jail.)

Come see for yourself whether your right to have legal disputes and criminal trials handled by impartial judges will be restored.

By the way, did you know that, at the same time SBX2-11 was snuck through the legislature, another bill (SBX2-12) was also snuck through?  This one raised court fines by 50%.  Fifty Percent!  We're afraid to even guess at what they'll be sneaking through next year.

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Capt.- Kirk S. said...

What? court fines doubled? And they snuck that through too, just like their "penalty assessment fee", at 170% of the original fine, who the hell do they think they are? They can go eat a giant turd sandwich as far as I'm concerned. That's B.S. just across the board doubling of reveneu, and their judges get an $11,000 raise on their illegal bonus's, F' California, I can't wait til this POS state tanks, and all these bungholes lose their jobs. The whole state is run by criminals.