Thursday, June 23, 2011

Los Angeles Times Continues Silence On Subject of Corruption

Savannah Winslow shares her latest email to Los Angeles Times writer George Skelton:

"[California Senate President] Darrell Steinberg.  Fearless proponent?  Or lapdog."

"Steinberg co-authored Senate Bill SBX2-11, the 'smoking gun' proof of judicial corruption in Los Angeles County.  SBX2-11, you'll recall, forgave the commission of (literally) ten million felonies committed by Superior Court Judges and County Supervisors under a scheme specifically forbidden by the Constitution.  The scheme involved counties illegally giving judges (who are well-paid state employees) monies under the table, hidden from the public for at least twenty years.  'Smoking gun proof' in the sense that there was no need to retroactively immunize an act unless a crime had been committed." 

"By the end of this month, at least eight judges will have been sued, as individuals not judicial officers (meaning no immunity), as a result of their having received County monies while ruling in cases in which the County has an interest, a clear denial of due process and an obstruction of justice.  Thousands of such cases will be filed before this is over.  (The geniuses who crafted SBX2-11, which included former Chief Justice Ronald George, neglected to immunize the guilty for every crime committed, just the first three, apparently, that came to mind.  Viewed in a different light, major malpractice occurred.  This legal exposure no doubt contributed to George's sudden decision to 'resign', presumably hoping that doing so would stave off the inevitable indictments.)  In the two lawsuits against individual judges that have already been filed and served, the entire court has recused itself, meaning the matter will ultimately be heard by judges in different counties ... one of the three counties where judges did not receive the payments, many of whom are jealous as hell."

"Will Steinberg again be able to cover Antonovich, Knabe and the judges' backsides?  One would think that Antonovich and Knabe already have enough to worry about, what with the collapsing [Shores] marina development / leasing deal as HUD panics and the U.S. Attorney's Office refers the matter to the FBI for investigation."

"Why are these things never reported by the Times?  Is somebody pulling strings that shouldn't be?  Does anyone over there have any integrity anymore?  (sigh)  These shenanigans have cost L.A. County taxpayers, including Times employees, over a billion dollars.  And that's just the part that's known for sure.  The unknown losses could well have neutralized the current financial "crisis".  Instead, the fatcats just keep getting fatter ... while the folks that could actually do something about it pretend to be looking in a different direction, oblivious to the impact of the crime of the century."

"Shame on those folks.  Shame."

Savannah S. Winslow

The Times' response? Crickets.  When will the media's malpractice end?  Are they somehow benefiting from the corruption?


Fred Sottile said...

Speaking of Darrell Steinberg, last year the California Legislature decided to make increasing taxes in California easier. Tax increases in California had to have been approved by a super-majority of legislative votes. The legislature wanted to reduce that safeguard to approval by a simple majority. To sell this power stripping concept to the voters, it was wrapped in candy. The candy was a bill that stated that if the legislature did not provide a budget by its due date, the legislature would by docked in pay until it did. And BTW we are reducing your tax increase safe-guard. Shhh… don’t make a big deal of this. Anyway, the retarded voters of California passed this bill and it went into law.
Please bear in mind that “a budget” by law in California is a balanced budget where the money coming in is the same amount as the money going out. Also, the sources of this money coming in have to be possible. In other words, the budget can’t be constructed with money the state hopes to win in Vegas.
Also bear in mind that a balanced budget is not possible without seriously hurting the parties that financed the political campaigns of the politicians in the legislature. Someone has to be screwed over.
Well, the legislature failed to propose a proper budget and so regarding the new law that the Legislature passed, the State controller in not paying the California legislature until they do. Now $400 may not seem like a lot of money to many but after ten days that amount becomes $4000. Multiply that by 120 members of the legislature and well, soon they are going to need smaller limos to get themselves back and forth to the girlie houses.
Now, back to Darrell the weasel Steinberg. The weasel wants to sue the controller, who BTW is California’s current Most Popular Man. Right now, Controller Chiang is “the people’s hero.” When Mr Chiang stood up to Govenator Arnold, the press cried partisan partisan, parti, parti, partisan, because Arnold was a Rino and Chiang was Demoncrat. Now, with the Demoncrat legislature, the demoncrat gubernor (who righteously vetoed the sham budget) and the Demoncrat Steinberg, they have to eat their own.
Steinberg’s assertion is that the law states that there must be a proposed budget but the budget must not comply with California law. As with SB X211, he apparently has no respect for law.Let me say at this time that the people who elected this guy owe the state of California and the entire human race an apology for their crimes against rational reason. (I think I just hit on a premise for another novel) While we’re on the subject, San Francisco owes us one too for not “deep sixing” Pelosi in that same election. (Pardon me, my fingers are ranting)
The California legislature is a bunch of cowardly lackeys, Darrell Steinberg is their whore and California’s voters are their bitches.

Fred Sottile said...

In my previous rant, I failed to mention another aspect of the Darrell Steinberg balanced budget debacle. The phoney budget was constructed by the Demoncrat party, vetoed by the Demoncrat Gubernor (Thank you again Mr Brown. It is an honor to suck back my own vitriol in this case.) and exposed as a fraud by the Demoncrat Controller.
The entire Rino Party members in the legislature are suffering the pain of no pay without a word of comment to the press about the inequity of the whole mess to them. (See its really all just one party. Shh…. It’s a secret.) You would think that the Rinos would be saying, “Thanks Demons, now we’re F’d too, nice shot.” But they don’t. I gotta say quite cynically, they’re probably being paid not to.

joebanana said...

In the 1930's it was the Mafia, in the new millennium, it's the government. When a government becomes more harmful than beneficial, it's the duty of the people to alter or abolish the tyrannical form of government and replace it. I can understand the frozen in the headlights mentality because of the utter contempt of the law by our elected morons, but it's time to shake it off and roll up the sleeves, brush the dust off our butts, and go kick some governmental azz. Our leaders seen to only understand one language, violence, maybe we need to talk their talk.

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