Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Egads! Gov Appoints Felon as Calif. Chief Justice!

Immediately upon the heels of the "retirement" of California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald M. George, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed Tani Cantil-Sakauye to replace him.

Ms. Cantil-Sakauye, as a former superior court judge, was a recipient of the illegal payments to judges by county supervisors and parties appearing in lawsuits before her.

Ms. Cantil-Sakauye and her colleagues were confirmed by the Judicial Council and the State Legislature to be felons who required immunity from criminal prosecution for their receipt of the bribes and their commission of (literally) ten million felonies, thus Senate Bill SBx2-11 was drafted and passed (with the considerable assistance of Ronald George, another former recipient of the payments).

Ms. Cantil-Sakauye, California's next Chief Justice, is an unindicted felon.  And after SBx2-11 is challenged and voided, Ms. Cantil-Sakauye, Mr. George and their 2,100 corrupt colleagues will again be facing prison time for their crimes.

Is this the best Gov. Schwarzenegger can do?  Are there NO uncorrupt judges from which to choose?  If that's the case, citizens need to know so that steps can be taken to remedy the situation before the final nail is driven into the coffin of what was, not so long ago, California's promising future.

If Gov. Schwarzenegger prefers to go down with the ship, he's certainly free to do so. But aligning oneself with felons is hardly the material of a legacy to be envied.  His, it appears, will instead be noted for his failure to lift even the tiniest finger to intercede, leaving us all to wonder how much he's been paid to abet these criminals.

Is Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger on board with having the Kennedy name associated with all this slime?  Bobby Kennedy sure wasn't.

UPDATE:   From Pinoy Big Blogger: "The California governor recently appointed Cantil-Sakauye to head a Judicial Council committee charged with overseeing the operations of the Administrative Office of the Courts, which runs the court system."

Would that be the same AOC which pays $1,000 per sq.ft. of courthouse construction when the going rate is $55 per sq. ft.? Yes, indeedy. Clearly, Schwarzenegger's candidate is FAR more corrupt than we previously knew. (See Update # 2 in following post for details.)


joebanana said...

Since his approval rating is at recall levels, that's just his way of flipping california the Hawaiian good luck symbol. And when the conspiracy trial gets going, this will just add fuel to the fire.
Hey, where can I find a pro bono lawyer to sue, class action if necessary, Obama for putting my family in danger, by refusing to secure the borders?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what role Justice George's son played in this appointment? He supposedly consults the governor on judicial appointments. Lets organize to run someone against this felon

Anonymous said...
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fred said...

Your question was, are there no uncorrupted judges for the Governor to choose from. The answer was given to us yesterday when the United States Supreme Court, upon receipt of the evidence that Judge Yaffe admitted that he had no evidence to back his position in jailing Richard Fine, DENIED to become involved.
Since this proves that judicial protection is a reality, we must conclude that there are no uncorrupted, or lets say, uncontrolled judges. Welcome to the bar young lawyers. Like any organized crime ring, you wanna' be in? You gotta' be all the way in and all the way in for life.
I laugh when I hear neighbors say, "I know a judge, he's a good man." I laugh because in John Gotti's neighborhood, that's what all his neighbors said about him.

Human Rights Alert said...

A justice system so corrupt, as seen in California, and which, as such, gains full backing by the US Courts, all the way up to the US Supreme Court, leaves little room for home.
Joseph Zernik

Anonymous said...

If people with terminal illnesses get mad enough ....

Anonymous said...

Re failure/refusal to secure borders: Grizzly bears don't have that dilemma. They defend their territory, to the death if necessary. It's nature's way of helping ensure their survival. Humans have the same right.

As a human, I am disgusted by the fact that, if I build something, some loser will certainly show up to try and take it away from me because he is too lazy to create the same for himself. It's called theft, plain and simple, and thieves are to be dealt with, not "tolerated".

Anonymous said...

there is a illusion that justice is served by these phoneys with a
degree and in the old days you did not need a degree to become a Judge
and then the attorney full employment act was enacted in Calif. for judges to be attorneys
and then corruption setin and wow look at the family courts -the federal gov't needs to employ the RICO act.and we need to change the law to back to the people --GOD bless Richard Fine and may Yaffe get his due in this life and the next


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