Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Richard Fine Story, In Brief

Here's a brief beginner's summary of the Richard Fine story. We caught Fred Sottile "on the fly":


joebanana said...

Right on Fred, thanks for this, it'll help with getting people to understand just how dire the situation is. I'm working on trying to contact Carl Miller, and this will cut to the chase, instead of my lengthy ramblings.

jcolard said...

in the morning i am collecting a brief outline of Richards
story and i will attempt to present it to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. I will try explain to her the dire need to expose this Judicial crime and ask her to at least read the imfo that is on FREE RICHARD FINE.This issue needs to be made public !I am in stienbergs district in Sacramento and have decided to due my part as a citizen
and am putting together an attack to
force the spineless to answer up as to his involment in the senate bill with his name on it.{Jewish }
His chief aid acted
ignorant to all my Questions on the phone,so a personal visit in his office and to all the states
elected reps who signed on this "admittance of guilt"
along with a sister bill that also was pushed through the houses that gave the Judicial council of ca a construction fund
to administer!they have 5bil to design,locate,purchase property,award contract and even language that grants them the power to purchase assets that might be future investment. there is even wording that excuses financial Wrongdoing. ps fienstien husband has
been draining the states universities indawment funds by transferring them to many losing investments!Of course
he formed a entity that managed these losing transferred investments!the pimp and prostitutes of special interest in Washington are corrupt
as hell!
Amy is speaking at a church in my area today and all my efforts to them to cover this issue in the past have not worked,so maybe a smile and a please! will work! Jeff co lard my hopes are that Richards sacrifice will not go unrewarded