Monday, May 03, 2010

California State Bar Perpetuates Yet Another Fraud On The Federal District Court

In his Reply brief filed earlier today, Dr. Richard I. Fine noted the California State Bar's latest attempted fraud on the Federal District Court.  As Dr. Fine has shown in the past, this isn't the first time.  What remains to be seen is whether Judge John F. Walter and/or Magistrate Judge Carla M. Woehrle are willing to remain accomplices and patsies.

For background, see Dr. Fine's Complaint against the State Bar, and their late and nonsensical "Re-Notice of Motion and Motion to Dismiss", filed despite there being no original Motion on file preceding it.  Dr. Fine's Request for Entry of Default and Default Judgment and his Response to the State Bar's Motion to Dismiss is also available for viewing, as is the case docket.

Informed readers will remember Judges Walter and Woehrle as being the two Federal judges who helped cover for State Court judge David P. Yaffe, furthering the payment scheme as they denied Dr. Fine's two Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus (and in one case dismissed a complaint against themselves).

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