Monday, March 01, 2010

Pssst!! Leroy! They went thataway!

Sheriff Leroy D. Baca apparently needs a CLUE or five about who the real criminals are in Los Angeles County, so here's one:

Judge David P. Yaffe took money illegally from LA County Board of Supervisors members.  In exchange, he always ruled in LA County's favor when they were sued in court.  This is called "taking bribes".  Didn't they teach that in Sheriff School?   "Sleuthing for Dummies"?  Surely somewhere along the line, before you made it all the way up to the top of the heap, you came to understand that part of your job is to protect the public from felons and their crimes?


What Yaffe did is also called "obstruction of justice" and "misappropriation of funds".

These are crimes too.  Go arrest the clown.

Senate Bill SBX2-11 does not protect him for two reasons:  (1) it's an ex post facto law, and will be overturned as such as soon as Judicial Watch gets to argue it before the Court of Appeal in the Sturgeon II case; and (2), even if that weren't true, SBX2-11 only retroactively authorized payments received through May 21, 2009.  Yaffe and the other judges continue to receive the payments to this day.  There is no law in place to protect him for this.  (SBX2-11 was sloppily written due to the rush circumstances under which it was passed.)

Go arrest him.  Give us a reason to actually want to re-elect you!

You can find Yaffe on the bench at 111 North Hill Street, Dept. 86. He won't be hard to identify: he's an old man who, from what we hear, everyone avoids like the plague.

"Judge" David P. Yaffe

Unsurprisingly, we couldn't find a single person who'd be willing to risk being in Judge Yaffe's shoes approaching the afterlife after what he's done.  And if Yaffe's entry into heaven hinges on Richard Fine's forgiveness ... well, we'd suggest that Yaffe give some thought to preparing for inhabiting warmer climes instead.

Here's another CLUE:  Each and all of the LA County Supervisors have committed crimes with respect to the payments/bribes made to judges that are not immune under SBX2-11, even if it were bullet-proof.  Even a cursory investigation would quickly provide evidence to support issuance of a warrant for the arrest of Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich (a man who was caught in the past telephoning a judge to influence a case on behalf of a constituent).

Go investigate him and them.

"Which way did he go, George?  Which way did he go?"

And while we're on the subject of idiocies, have you heard that the official defense by judges who received the illegal payments is actually "ignorance of the law"?  That's right, judges (former lawyers) weren't aware of Article VI, Section 19, of our own California Constitution, which says quite plainly that judges may only be paid by the state.  Bobby Fischer would rightfully see that as a checkmate.  Stupid judges will continue to try and bluster it out, but once their last piece is taken from the board, they'll only have the blind remaining to pander to.

Seeing-Eye Dog

If you can't get it together soon, Leroy, here's what the public's image of your Department will be at re-election time:

Keystone Kops

Now go take care of that bad boy Yaffe, why don'tcha?  America will sleep better knowing the tide has finally turned on corruption, and that yet another man stepped forward in bravery to help bring it about.  (Hey, that's a better legacy than the "what-a-loser" one you have going so far, don't you think?)


joebanana said...

The only problem with baca doing his JOB, is that he'll have to arrest himself, for conspiracy to commit crimes against the people of California. And some bad news for these criminal judges, "ignorance of the law is no excuse". Another thing, the longer these judges stay on the bench the more harm, and damage to the public they inflict. Hey, wouldn't that make baca an accessory?

joebanana said...

So, what's the problem with arresting California's entire government? Organized crime is what we have here. But, that's okay, the longer the sheriff refuses to do his job, the more counts are added to the indictment. Political terrorism, inflicted by the California Mafia, against the people of California,is what's going on here. Someday, someone will grow a pair, and it looks like "we the people" will have to take action, if we can get them to wake up.

Equal Justice For All said...

If this isn't a good reason to vote out All incumbents, what is? The Sheriff isn't doing his job, the BOS are complicit in the pay scheme and the judges are violating the law. And all of this goes on under the supervision of Ronald George our Chief Justice. Unfortunately we can't fire him, but we can possibly cause an early retirement.

Fred Sottile said...

Frankly, my feeling is that no one should be willing to stand before a California Judge until this problem is resolved. Let them deal with that. This should include jurors. Jury nullification is a process by which "the people" display their responsibility to not only judge the case, but judge the law itself, the legal process and every aspect of the proceeding including the credibility of the judge.

paula heartland said...

Excellent post.

You and others are demonstrating incredible devotion.

I want Richard out now. Not after he loses his health, family, life. I hope the bullies find a way to relieve themselves of exposure, soon, so Richard can live.