Friday, December 04, 2009

Professor Prepares Amicus in Support of Fine Appeal

Daniel Gottlieb, a retired math professor with an exemplary career, has prepared an amicus curiae brief for filing in support of Richard Fine's appeal before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

Professer Gottlieb studied Fine's disbarment, and identified numerous troubling activities.

We leave it to the reader to decide whether California's State Bar acted honorably.

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Stephen R. Diamond said...

Professor Gottlieb reasoned that an erroneous judgment early on set the stage for Fine's disbarment. Professor Gottlieb is correct. The Court of Appeal set Fine up for disbarment in its published decision _Fine v. Superior Court_ (2002) 97 Cal.App.4th 651. For analysis of how the Court of Appeal covered for Commissioner Bruce Mitchell, see