Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ninth Circuit Grants Stay In Disbarment Action!

The Ninth Circuit today entered an Order staying the disbarment OSC against Richard Fine.
"In light of the significant overlap between the discipline case and the issues raised by respondent’s pending habeas petition, Fine v. Sheriff of Los Angeles County, No. 09-56073, disciplinary proceedings are stayed pending the resolution of the habeas petition."
A motion to set aside the disbarment action in the lower court, the U.S. District Court, based upon the Ninth Circuit's stay will be filed tomorrow.

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Capt.- Kirk S. said...

While these boneheads are at it, how about looking into Mr. Fines writ of habeus corpus, if it isn't too much trouble. This whole thing is completely absurd. It should scare the hell outa every American.