Thursday, August 06, 2009

Does the Ninth Circuit have the courage to save We the People?

The Ninth Circuit must overcome a lengthy path of hurdles if it intends to further the corruption of LA superior court judges' receipt of bonus payments from LA County.

This Excel spreadsheet itemizes the plethora of issues which the Court must rationalize away to a learned audience if it intends to protect fellow judges and justify Richard Fine's continuing incarceration. Each column in the spreadsheet corresponds to each major event which led to today's circumstances. Each entry in that column is a fact which compels Fine's release. The Court must be able to justify the legality of every fact in that column before it may logically move to consider the facts in the next column, etc.

As yet another battle looms in the war on behalf of We the People versus the corruption that is seemingly everywhere, the Ninth Circuit justices will be forced to publicly reveal its bias if it exists. Will they turn out to be heroes? The People await this decision with bated breath.

Who will win? Will the Ninth Circuit have the ability to repel and defeat the conquering horde of superior court judges as they continue to pillage and plunder county coffers? Should we just go ahead and change the state's name to Georgifornia after Ronald M. George, Chief Justice of the state supreme court, actual and de facto leader of all state judges and under whose direction Senate Bill SBX2-11 was engineered and passed? If the Ninth Circuit chickens out and refuses to take the high road, should we all just move? Only two things can stop Truth from winning out: a lack of courage or a lack of morals.

Stay tuned for the next episode of "The Twilight Zone of Richard Fine".

For details of the continuing Fine saga, visit the official Free Richard Fine website. No citizen of Los Angeles County can expect fair and impartial treatment by the courts under the present circumstances.


TaliesinRed said...

We need a ballot initiative from We the People not allowing this pay and changing forever how contempt is handled in the courts

Equal Justice For All said...

I agree with previous comment. We must take back the Judicial system in California. Far too many victims of twisting the system to suit the lawyers. The legislature and the judges have manipulated the California Constitution to their advantage and have forsaken the people. THEY WORK FOR US and take an oath to uphold the law. Delve into these subjects, you will not like what you find. The judges have effectively insulated themselves in such a manner that you cannot even get rid of the bad ones. It must stop!

Capt.- Kirk S. said...

You all should read the post on jail4judges, by the head judge, Ronald, it's a hoot, if this guy aint on drugs, we're in trouble.
Well, either way we're in trouble

joebanana said...

I've got a legal question. Amendments 4, and 5 of the constitution say a mans papers can't be used against him. The request by the court for these papers is unconstitutional, and as the basis of Mr. Fines confinement, are irrelevant, right?